Rum experience in Cuba

Is there a better place to experience the real taste of Rum than Cuba? No, probably not. If you have been to Cuba and did not have a Mojito, a Canchanchara or a pure 7 year old Rum you have not really been there. But be aware – you might get used to it.

This is the best place to experience the flavour of a typical Trinidad drink called Canchanchara right on the stairs next to the Iglesia Santisima Trinidad. Definitly not the best Canchanchara they serve in town, but with the best ambiance. I would recommend to start with some Bucaneros (the local beer) and the best Canchanchara in town on the roof terrace of the restaurant El Criollo enjoying a unique sunset, before you end up having too many of those wonderful drinks on the stairs. As you can see it is not that easy to keep the camera focused after you had six of those. The internet recommends to have not more than three – do not trust the internet – make your own experience.


The bar El Cambio is a very special experience in Camagüey. Want a Mojito? Come closer. Looking for wonderful women? Turn around and run as fast and as far as you can. Okay, we did not run, we wanted some Mojitos and did not care to much about the women. I love this place crowded with special characters.


Afternoon at the Casa de la Trova, not to early for some first Mojitos with Ruben. Don’t ask me about Ruben, I don’t have any idea who he is, but we had some drinks together and he got me some nice cigars. You just need to keep a constant level of happiness and you will get through the day…


…and if you need a break just listen to that wonderfull Cuban music. I promise, you will need another drink. As you can see the sun still shines bright.


Sorry, I forgot to write my name on the wall. Could you please do me a favour and add my name when you vist the Casa de la Trova next time? Thanks


After all that practice, it was time for the theoretical basics of Rum production at the Museo del Ron in Santiago de Cuba. Sorry, but I cannot remember a single word, but here are some nice bottles of Rum.



By the way, if you have a pen with you… don’t keep it. Give it as a gift to the guy who offers the Rum tasting. This will buy you some additional free shots.


I absolutely cannot recall the name of that bar. Not sure if I ever knew it, but this lady prepares the best Mojito in Santiago de Cuba and I promise, the more you order the better they become. Not quit sure if this has anything to do with the level of drunkness, or if she just liked us. Thank you for your wonderful smile.