Israel once more


Unbelievable…no rain. I think this was the first time it wasn’t raining when I arrived in Tel Aviv. Probably Israel started to like my visits.


But to be honest…Tel Aviv is not one of my favorite places in Israel, but still I enjoy beeing on the 17th Floor at the Hilton…great unfiltered Goldstar, wonderful wines and a view that can’t be beaten in Tel Aviv.



This time I had the chance for a short visit of Haifa…it was realy a short visit, but since I’ve never been there, it was worth the trip. Next time I will try to spent more time there than just 3 hours.IMG_20160322_163032_hdr

The German Colony in Haifa…an interesting place for a visit…and the good thing is, a lot of restaurants around this area.IMG_20160322_161700


Still a very special place around Tel Aviv is the old city of Jaffa. Again it was worth a visit…and for me they serve the best humus in Israel at the House of Humus at the central place in the old town. This is the place where I would go out for dinner everytime I might have the chance. Nothing special, no stars…but for me the best humus.IMG_20160321_183945






Maybe you already realized that I do like, as I call it, „Wall Art“. This wonderful painting I found on a wall at the beach of Tel Aviv. Isn’t she beautiful? Yes, she is.IMG_20160321_160537