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Relaxing in Koh Samui

I think this was my first vacation in the last 20 years where I really nearly did nothing. Whatever nothing means. 3B’s…Breakfast, Beach & Binner (okay it’s Dinner, but I like the 3B’s). Although Thailand is more famous for the kind of tourism I am not really in to, it still has a lot of places where you can enjoy yourself and relax.

We stayed at this lovely beach hotel on Koh Samui, which was absolutely calm and quite. It offered tranquil bungalows nearly wright on the beach.

This was one of the nicest bays I have ever been to and the water is just crystal clear and we had our „own“ little coral reef. What more do you need? …just nothing.

I cannot recall ever staying in the water for 6 hours without a real break, just relaxing, snorkeling and relaxing again. The water temperature was probably higher than the air temperature. Just perfect.

…and of course. Thai food…I just love those Curries and all the other stuff.

I don’t think that this was my last visit of this wonderful country. Hope to be back soon.