Vietnam in 20 days…

…has been just too short for visiting such a beautiful country. After visiting Lao and Cambodia I expected Vietnam being similar. But it was not like I expected. While Lao and Cambodia seem to have a large cultural Khmer and Thai influence, Vietnam seems to have a Chinese cultural background, what made it a complete differente experience. So we started our tour in…


 Although Hanoi is starting to become a modern town like every other big city around the world it still has a wonderful Old Town, which seems to be unchanged over the last centuries. It is just enjoyable to stroll through the narrow streets and relax with one of the great Vietnamese beers.



What a scenery. The bay is covered with hundreds of boats, but they don’t ruin the views of those karst hills dropped into the sea.



The old city of the emporer still has some charm. The Palace of Hue has some similarity to the Forbidden City in Beijing, but is of course much smaller. To see all the temples and palaces might take forever, but to get an impression some hours spending there are a good starting point. And the market is just fantastic, just like all other Asian markets.



I guess these places are as much touristic as Vietnam can get. I just loved it. The restaurants serve fantastic food, seeing all those people in the streets and just observing life is the best.



Been there, seen it, checked it…not again…thanks



Saigon has not the charm of Hanoi and seems to be much more westernized, but Cholon still has some unique Chinese flavour.




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