Walking Safari in the Kruger Park

I love being in the Kruger Park. Seeing those animals in real nature, without any fences is just a great experience. And trust me, never fuck with an elephant. He will win.

This time the walking safari was way more fun than the last one I did in the park. The walk started at 5 o’clock in the morning, but it was worth waking up that early. This time we saw animals which we absolutely didn’t expect to see. Standing 15 m in front of a Black Rhino is just a thrilling experience. I would had already been happy to see one in the far distance from the car, but standing in front of two of those was even better. My only recommendation is: Don’t move…they will not see you.

If you think there might be enough space to overtake…just don’t do it…take your time.

There should be better places to relax and feed your bread…but there you go…maybe the asphalt is just too cozy.

Those giraffes are probably as curious as you are…as long as you stay in the car…but as soon as you walk they start running…and they are fast.

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