Senegal – Dakar, Saint Louis and more

Dakar – a new experience

A complete chaos. This was not what I expected. The traffic in Dakar is just hillarious. It takes hours to get from one end to the other end of this city even by taxi. Besides that there is not much to see here. The two „highlights“ are the Kermel Market and the Monument de la Renaissance Africaine. The rest is just feeling the vibe of Africa.


Ile de Goree

The history of slavery can be seen and experienced on this island, which is an UNESCO World Heritage. Nothing to be proud of.

But here in the Villa Castel we had the best breakfast in Senegal. It was worth staying overnight on the island.

Lac Rose

It shall be really healthy to swim in the water of that lake, that has the same level of salinity as the Dead Sea in Israel. But it is more floating than swimming and I can’t feel any improvement of my state of health.


Saint Louis

What a wonderfull town. Probably the most beautiful and interesting town in Senegal, nestled on a small island in the Senegal River. Saint Louis is the oldest French town on the African continent, founded in 1659 and has been the seat of the colonial government until it moved to Dakar in the early 20th century. But what is even more interesting to see nowadays is the fisher village on the Langue de Barbarie. This way of life may probably disappear within the next years, but for now it reminds us of the ancient life.


National Park Djoudji

Flying Pelicans…



Toubab Dialaw

Sobo Bade in Toubab Dialaw is a pitouresque little hotel, which had been designed in a somehow Gaudi-Style.  If you want to experience the real senegalese slowliness this is the place to go. Waiting for an hour in the restaurant for your meal is not uncommon, but the food is really good and if you stay there I guess you are not in a hurry.


The colors of the sky


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